Forests You can enjoy walking in

By on November 2, 2015

Walking through forests is the healthiest one can do to his body:


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Nature videos

By on November 1, 2015

Here a very popular wildlife documentary to help you relax and enjoy the outdoors


And forest ones:

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Benefits of Morning Walk

By on June 23, 2015


group of young people runs at the beach on beautiful summer sunset

It is always hard to wake up early in the morning and heading out for a morning walk. But once you know about the benefits of walking in the morning, you will realize its importance. We wake up early in the morning for schools, college or sometimes for office. Therefore you can afford to find some time for the morning walk. Walking early in the morning has many benefits. It keeps you fit and healthy. The early breeze of morning air is always refreshing and you will surely enjoy walking on the green grass during morning. Here are some other benefits you can enjoy from regular morning walk

Better Day

Walking early in the morning could be the perfect start of your whole day. Our daily life is full of stress and tension. Our brain often gets clogged due to these stressful situation. Wake up as early as possible in the morning. Take a walk in the park and breathe in the morning air, you will fell a lot better and relaxed. Morning walk has proven to be very effective to improve our mental situation. Half an hour of morning walk could be the blessing for your whole day. Your mind get a boost from the nature and you will fell revitalized.


Sound Sleep

It may be difficult for you to wake up early in the morning, but the sleeping in the night is always difficult is your mind is not relaxed. A sound sleep is needed for a productive day and it ensures you are in a good mood the whole day. Walking early in the morning ensures that you have a sound sleep at night. Our physical activities during day time will decide how the night sleep will be. Walking during the morning will make your muscle relaxed a tired. Therefore you will have a sound sleep at night.

Reduce Risk of Cancer

Your lifestyle will decide the condition of your health. To remain healthy and fit you have to adopt a certain lifestyle which is both healthy for body and mind. The right lifestyle could lower the risk of cancer. Morning walks are an effective form of exercise which relaxing body and mind. National Cancer Institute has said that walking during the morning can reduce the risk of breast cancer and other forms of cancer. Study also suggest that morning walks are also helpful to fight cancer situation.

Losing Weight

We use different types of exercise instruments to keep your body fit and healthy. Gym instruments have their own usefulness, but morning walks are also very effective to keep you fit and healthy. Losing weight is a primary concern for many people. Walking in the morning will ensure a healthy weight loss for your body. You will achieve your desired weight by walking in the morning.

So these are some benefits you can achieve by walking early in the morning. There are lots more benefits also. Start walking today and stay healthy and fit.

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Preserving the Environment

By on May 17, 2015


Being mindful about environment is not a difficult as people may imagine. Some simple acts can preserve your surrounding environment. Lots of small and simple things can be done to reduce the environment distortion and in a process saving the environment. The greenhouse gas emission is increasing every year and the environment is becoming more unstable. Your activity towards saving the environment can make a big difference. Every single movement and initiatives are equally important as they play big role towards preserving our mother nature. This is our planet so we have to take equal responsibility. Here are some important tips for you to preserve the environment –

Less Consumption

The daily consumption of different product is one of the most common cause of environment distortion. So here is the tip, by less and consume less products. Use products which are necessary for living. Always remember, the more you consume the more environment take the load. So using older products instead of buying a new one is the right idea. The pressure on environment will increase if your needs of using new items are limitless. Pick a cleaning company Montreal Maid Service that will use natural GREEN products.

Motor Transportation

The pollution from our transportation are taking a heavy toll on nature. The process of restraining ourselves from using cars is not easy. But we have to be aware of the current situation. The current situation demands an environment which is not polluted from smoke. The best way is to change our means of transportation. We can switch from car to Eco-friendly bicycle. This can be a perfect initiative in the way of preserving the nature. Riding a bike will save your money and from the dreadful traffic jams. You also won’t have to think about finding a space for parking. Cleaning your office should be done all at the same time to save energy as well. This was an initiate by Office Cleaners  developed and implemented.



The daily pollution of the nature can be reduce if we adopt an effective way of recycling. The plastic items are often the most difficult things to recycle. We should always buy products which has less packaging. The more the package, the harder it is to recycle. Regular recycling is very important for the preservation of our nature. You can also cleaning service for the recycling work. A cleaning service will provide proper cleaning and recycling task.

Saving Power

Turning off a light when living the room may not sound a hard thing to do. But most people don’t do that often causing wastage of power. The wastage of one single bulb may not be too much. But collectively the amount is huge. So more we waste power, the more the demand increases. The increase demand of power production can distort the nature. So we have to be careful about using power. Little things are often the most important in the process of preserving the environment.

Mother Nature has given us every elements for living. We have to preserve it for our future. We want our next generation to be fit and healthy. Your small contribution can make a huge impact. So be environment conscious and be Eco-friendly, and you should start from today.

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How to Be Environmentally Friendly

By on May 3, 2015


People are now becoming more aware and conscious about environment. It is almost surprising how different communities are trying more to preserve our natural resources. For a better future we need to preserve our environment and protect our resources. We often don’t know how to become environment friendly, how to start the process of saving the nature. We have to understand different steps of preserving our environment. It is never too late to learn. Here are some tips for you to get started. Follow these simple tips and start contributing today.

First of all we have to understand why becoming environmentally friendly is important for us. We can’t blame each other for destroying our natural resources. This planet is for everyone and we need to preserve it for our existence. We have to create a sustainable environment for our future generation. The process of preserving natural start with us, our personal choice will make all the difference. We need to educate ourselves and take initiatives.


We need a way of earning and in most case earning money has caused the distortion of environment. The industries, mill and power plants which are polluting environment regularly. If you want to contribute in preserving environment you can start eco-friendly business or turn your existing business into an eco-friendly one. Running a regular business may be a simple task but running an environmentally friendly one can be difficult. There are different steps you need to follow precisely like waste recycling, eco-friendly machineries and appliances. If you can establish an environmentally friendly business you will be effectively contributing in preserving nature cause.

The change should start from you. If people are aware of the importance of protecting the nature they will start realizing. So make yourself educated and know how to preserve the nature. You can change yourself and make yourself environment friendly. Change your lifestyle in such way which will help to preserve the nature. Being responsible is the most important habit you can grow. When you feel responsible for the environment you will start to work for it.

Planet earth doesn’t offer us an unlimited source of natural resource, we have to use it wisely. Otherwise it will be exhausted sooner than we expect. Take some note which natural resources you are using daily and think how to find an alternative. Pay attention to the tiny details like heating, travelling, home appliances. Awareness to little things will help you become more environmentally friendly.

Planting tree is another great way to contribute in the process of preserving the environment. We all know that but don’t implement it. Trees are considered to be crucial factor to our survival. Trees provide us with Oxygen and clear the air we are breathing. Planting more trees will ensure a better environment in future. Starting planting trees in your home premises, and don’t cut them until it is absolutely necessary. Alos encourage others to plant more trees and let them know the benefits of planting trees.


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Transportation and Nature

By on April 15, 2015

Well as much as we can say we can get rid of cars and the pollution, lets face it, we sometimes need to reach places using a vehicle and we can not avoid this. So how can we do we be using conventional methods of transportation with minimal impact on the environment and surrounding.  Here are some of the ideas and suggestions which I am sure you are familiar with but need to remind yourselves of the benefit of it:

  • Public Transport: using transportation available for public such as the public bus. This is a great way for you to cut back on pollution and even save money by using public transportation. Of course this comes with many cons too. If you work in a company located in the suburbs, then public transportation may not be as accessible and as efficient. If you are lucky and do have a bus station around the area where you are working, this bus most probably will be running only in peak hours when employees go to work (8-9 AM) and when most employees leave work (5-6 PM). So what will happen if you need to work late or you are caught in some meeting? Additionally these buses run so infrequent that you would end up waiting for a while before you get the bus.


  • Subway: that is ideal, where we can use the subway to go to work and come back if we work in the center of the city. This will also save you money versus owning a car however there is also cons. the subway can be extremely packed if you work in a big city such as Toronto or New York.  The subway also has limitations where it does stop working at certain hours late in the evening so alternative transportation would need to be considered. But how many of us are lucky enough to work and live in the center of the city?
  • Pooling: This is the ideal scenario for those of us who do not live in the center of the city and work also outside the city and many of the highway have dedicated lanes for cars that carry more than one passenger and thus you can avoid major traffic areas.   Again we need to be able find the colleague who lives close to us and is willing to collaborate to pool to work everyday. It can be difficult to manage because everyone can sometimes work on different hours and work schedules.carpooling

Going out on a nice Evening??

If you are going out for a nice evening with your friends or loved one then we know that might not be walking if you are not close to an entertainment environment however there are some things you can consider that will be cost effective and easier on the environment:

  • Taxi Service: Ideal if you are one or 2 person company but  they are not capable of accommodating a large group of people.
  • Limousine Service: This is ideal if you are considering going out on an evening and would like to pool with other friends. Not only is this a more luxurious and comfortable ride for you and your friends versus a taxi, but  some of the limos for Limo Mississauga are capable of including up to 8-10 people and thus it becomes extremely affordable to you and the others and better for the environment for pooling. It can also be loads of fun to be sharing a luxury limo while being served well and with a bar service.


So when you are looking into the transportation options, consider all the above when making your selection whether we are going to work or going out for a nice fun evening. We are not all lucky to be living close to city center and able to just pick ourselves up and take a nice long walk to where we are heading.

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Benefits of Walking in the Nature

By on March 10, 2015


English Poet Ivor Gurney volunteered for active service to improve his mental illness condition during WWI. The exercise helped him for a while, but the brutality of the war and seeing his friends dying in front his eyes worsened his mental condition. So the poet decided to go back where he belongs, into the Gloucestershire countryside where he grew as a child. The longer he spent in the nature of his hometown the better he felt.

Walking in the nature has proven to be one of the most effective way to fight against mental depressions. Most sensitive people have found it very helpful to overcome their difficult times and memories. Spending time in the nature, walking in the woods is not an optional activity anymore, we need it to improve our mental state.

We lead a very busy life now a days. The problems from office, family, friends, bunch of emails, meeting, appointments are making your life harder and your mental condition worse. We need to take a break once in a while and evolve in the beauty of the nature. Walking in the nature can release us from your stress. Nature walking is very helpful for sensitive people especially. Here are reasons why-

  1. It gives someone the chance to be in somewhere quiet. The peaceful sight of river or woods can really help to break the stress level. It taxes our sensitive nerves can help to improve your mental state.walk
  2. The time we spend alone is the time we are rewarded with chance to focus on our own thoughts. Most sensitive people are introverts and they find it easy to keep their thoughts to themselves. Sometimes we become tired of spending too much time with others no matter we like them or not. Staying close to nature allows us to think and improve ourselves.
  3. It is said that natural elements like trees, plants, water and sunlight absorb negative energy. We feel more connected with them as they are part of our living world, and they hardly make any demands on us except to appreciate them. Your tension and stress will evaporate when walking in a quiet forest or country path.
  4. Walking has proven to be an effective way to relive stress. Brisk walking boosts endorphins which is also known as the feel good hormones that improve our mood and relives us from stress and mild depression.
  5. Research has shown that walking through green spaces can put the brain into a meditative state, which allows you to pay more attention to the world around you.



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The Walk Of Life

By on February 1, 2015

Welcome to the Nature Blog. Nature is big topic which i can write a lot so much though lets connect with it and lets enjoy what it has to offer!

Walking down a path in nature not only provides your soul with fresh air, calmness and peace. But just hearing the leaves of the tress as they rattle with the wind provides the most soothing feeling one can experience and connect with. Hearing the birds as they communicate and  sing to the world provides one with a peaceful soul that allows them to learn from it how we can communicate as individuals in harmony.

Who said we cant battle cancer or relieve stress in life! The wonderful treatments that are available to us in nature is still being discovered everyday and its benefits to our bodies. Battling the horrific things that people can and do to nature and its species tears this bond that exists and creates an unbalanced universe potential to the point of no return.

Most people as themselves the question that baffles me consistently…

What can one person do to change anything ?

Well, its starts with one, its starts with us and slowly the effect ripples to your surrounding. Massive changes starts with one small change.

Changing the world is about making changes to small habits. Will cars stop driving and polluting the environment ? Well not for now but eventually it is moving towards that because we as human have realized the importance to stop destroying the world and become more aware.

Will humans stop destroying the forest in order to build more useless homes and products? its not happening now but more and more we are seeing the effect of our conservationists requesting for it and laws being put in place to change it slowly!

Can we stop and change human being greedy behavior and money hunger in order to satisfy short term needs? Yes, by creating awareness on the impacts of what their actions are, people will realize more and more how to make these changes…

We can only hope for a better future and for people to stop being so ignorant with their surrounding and the decisions they take everyday that have negative global impacts. Of coarse the purpose here is not to have everyone not take a car and walk only, and never eat a chocolate bar. The purpose is to allow everyone and every animal and species to live in harmony without creating negative effects.


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